Hey everyone! Today, we review the Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Palette. This palette has had much drama associated with this product and it is hard assessing the truth. Over the years, Jaclyn’s YouTube videos have been a frequent staple of mine. Through her, I have come to learn more about fashion, hair, and beauty products. Probably, you have watched her YouTube reviews of this palette. Even though the reviews aren’t thorough, you still covet the Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Palette.

The Basics

The Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Palette comprises 35 eyeshadows: 18 shimmers and 17 mattes. It has 5 rows with each having 7 shades though row names miss on the palette’s packaging. Although some deliveries include a small postcard with shade names, you may miss it on the palette you purchase. This product is a collaborative effort of Jaclyn Hill and Morphe Cosmetics. Here is a breakdown of shades found in each of its rows.

I. Row One (Enlight, Beam, Silk Crème, M.F.E.O, Faint, Sissy, Little Lady)

In this row are transition shades suitable for highlighting the brow bone or the inner corner of your eyes. This is what I used it for, but if you need to apply it all over your eyelid, feel free to do so! You will still look stunning no matter what. Its last two shades are great for transition but spot a darker hue than the first two. Then there are the pinks! These are obsessive shimmery shades perfect for spotting a Valentine day look or for any random day. Apply some Mac Fix+ on your brush to achieve a consistent and enduring finish. Doing so gives the shadows an extra metallic look though I consider it superfluous.

II. Row Two (Creamsicle, Butter, Pooter, Pukey, Hunts, Fireworks, Queen)

Use shades in this row if you need to create a warm and smoky eye. Use its second left shade (Butter) to achieve a wing dimension of the eye’s outer corner. If you have a pale skin tone, this will suit you just fine. For deeper skin tones, this shade gives a warm, coppery finish. This rows shimmers are found on its end. Combine both transition shades and shimmers to achieve sunset look on your eyelids.

III. Row Three (Obsessed, S.B.N, Hillster, Roxanne, Jazz, Buns, Cranapple)

Row Three has my favorite shade–Obsessed-with a champagne silverish shimmer. Often I use this shade to achieve an intense gold look on my eyelids. What’s more, I can even use this shade in several different ways. Even so, I prefer spreading it out on my lid using a finger then blending it with a light transition shade from Row One. In addition, I can use this shade to attain a soft inner lid corner highlight. Typically, I prefer using it over the entire eyelid. For this look, I often combine Row Three’s dark cranberry shades with pinks from Row One. Nonetheless, apply these shades carefully as they are highly pigmented requiring the use of a steady, light hand during application.

IV. Row Four (Royalty, Twerk, Hustle, Meeks, 24/7, Chip, Mocha)

On this row are the palette’s cool tones. Its blue and purple shades are among my five favorite shades in this palette. They are easy to apply either with a brush or just a finger. Besides that, these shades look stunning on any skin tone. Plus, they leave no flickering glitter on your lids, just a beautiful glowing sheen. Though shades on this row are amazing, using them on a pale skin tone can have disastrous results. I used these tones to create a dramatic look on my upper and lower eyelash line.

V. Row Five (Pool Party, Jada, Diva, Enchanted, Central Park, Soda Pop, Abyss)

And now my favorite shade in the entire palette! Guess what it is, turquoise! An intense and beautiful shade that just doesn’t mess up when applied. If you have been looking for the perfect blend of aqua/turquoise shade, then look no further! To top that, this shade is flawless with any skin tone. Use mattes on this row to give your lash more color and an intense look of the lower crease. Also, experiment with blending Row Five’s shades see what you fancy more.


One thing I liked about this palette is that it comes in a cardboard packaging. Other Morphe branded palettes are delivered in cheap plastic packaging. However, it disappoints in that shade names are missing from its packaging instead they appear on a small postcard. Beware that this postcard may or may not be in the package you get. As a result, I think Morphe’s inclusion of postcard was an afterthought. Ideally, shade names should have been printed under each shadow, a shadow’s plastic cover, or on the packaging’s back.

Regarding its packaging, I would like to say that I really loved its clean and gorgeous color scheme. Even so, it’s easy to mess it up after using this palette for an extended period. Its outer cover is made from flimsy cardboard. For its 35 eyeshades, it is lighter than the regular Morphe palette, as the Jaclyn Hill palette is made of light cardboard the latter is made from plastic.

For $38, its packaging disappoints given that it took two years to perfect the shades, its packaging should have been better. As a result, I don’t think I will be travelling with this palette for a while though it’s pretty impressive to look at. Definitely, I would be worried about its visual appeal and robustness given the low quality of its packaging material and the softness of the shadows. It’s only a matter of time before everything is all powdery and dust by your journey’s end. Besides that, there is no mirror on the inside; instead, there is a dedication note from Jaclyn to her fans.

My Swatches Test

In testing the shades of this palette, I used my finger and brush to swatch similar to how I would apply each shade on my lids. However, during swatching, I used no primer. I did so to reveal a shade’s pigmentation and blendability. Nonetheless, swatching in this way doesn’t accurately represent the final results when applied on the eyelids. Some swatches did horribly on my arm but were amazing when applied to the eyes. Avoid using the result of arm swatches as benchmarks of how a shade will perform on your eyelids. Given that, its metallic shades swatch nicely when applied using a finger though they don’t work well with a brush unless it’s wetted. Despite wetting with Fix+, several shades didn’t leave much pigment on the eye or the arm.

Another thing I noticed is that its mattes lack consistency as most are soft and leave lots of kickup in the pan. However, this characteristic makes them all the easier to apply. Other mattes are dry or hardened and apply horribly no matter what I used. In phase two of my test, I had to create variations of different colors applied directly on the eyelids. As long as I applied only shades from rows 2 and 3 shades, I achieved amazing results. A basic look defines these mattes offering little or no variety. Top mattes of this palette are of no phenomenal quality and needless to say, can they justify its pricing point.

Swatches Review

In my honest opinion, I found these swatches very impressive. Though they aren’t completely horrible or overly groundbreaking. Why is that so? Because they leave a lot of kickup in the pan dirtying your palette much faster than other palettes I own. Also, its shades give more fallout than I expected though this simplifies the blending of colors under the eyeline. However, if you are not into blending, it means you will need to do some pretty intense cleansing to achieve the perfect look. A plus of these shades is their endurance when combined with primer leaving a non-fading or creasing look all day long.


Jaclyn Hill’s palette formulation is extremely creamy, well pigmented, and super easy to apply. Its three finishes are incredibly slight as matte colors are smoother and its shimmer and metallic shades more saturated. Nonetheless, I’ve had excellent results with every eyeshade I’ve tried so far. Each shade gave intense true to color payoffs as well as amazing blends and simplicity in application. I noticed that its matte shadows leave substantial residues in the pan that indicated how well they are pigmented. Actually, this shouldn’t bother anyone though I experienced minimal fallouts when applying this shade to my eyes as they have a glittery finish.

Frankly, I loved using these palette’s extremely vibrant and high-quality eyeshadows. I sure loved its blended undertones and textured finishes as its colors are trendy, wearable, and suitable for all skin tones. It’s simply irresistible and there isn’t a color in this palette that I didn’t like. This indicates the care and thought that Jaclyn and Morphe put into creating a truly versatile and trendy eyeshades palette. With this palette, I have access to a stunning collection of eyeshades for creating any look I fancy, whether dramatic or neutral, it has a diversified and phenomenal shade collection. This is why the Jaclyn Hill Morphe palette is unbeatable. Would I recommend it? Definitely yes!

Pricing Points and Where to Buy

For its 35 shadows, the palette currently retails at $38 which makes it slightly pricey than other Morphe palettes. Basically, you get to pay $1 for each shade. Note that this price is non-inclusive of tax/shipping meaning you will definitely pay more, unless you buy on Amazon with a free delivery. This palette is available at Morphe’s website, Amazon, ,Beauty Bay Ultra Bay and numerous other online stores. A casual search on Google will help you find retailers near you. However, the best place to obtain is probably Amazon. You might be wondering whether to buy this palette. With its shade collection and its pricing point, I think it’s a good deal for your money. But for those living outside the US, I would think probably not. Extra shipping costs are a major turn off for this palette especially if you add in brush accessories; its price can easily hit the $75 mark.

Final Thoughts

My overall experience with this palette has been exciting and impressive. I wear it every single day since I had it delivered. Though I’ve several other palettes, the quality of Jaclyn’s palettes is incomparable. It has beautiful, super pigmented mattes and its shimmers are both wet and smooth and glitter metallically. I’ve become obsessed with this palette for over 45 days. No matter what skin tone, eye, or hair color you have, this palette has the perfect shadows for you. Am sure you will enjoy the compliments that come along with wearing its eyeshadows. So, if you think that it’s not suitable for you, think again! Wearing the Jaclyn Hill and Morphe shadows give a consistent, high quality, and colorful payoff. What’s more, it’s a game changer in the world of makeup.

Notwithstanding the hype surrounding this palette, it has value for both first-timers and professional makeup artists. It’s a beautifully crafted palette with lots of amazing shadows indicating that Morphe and Jaclyn really put a lot of effort into its formulation. In comparison to other high-end products, its pigments, and formulation make it a good bargain for $38. So, I recommend that you go for it if you can’t afford more expensive high-end brands. Plus, it has all the color shades you need while on the go ensuring that you miss nothing!

Finally, I love its range of shades as it curates impressive tones as well as a healthy pop of colors. In addition, it has well-formulated transition/crease colors. Even so, its lack of details about its different eyeshades makes it challenging following any makeup tutorial. Honestly, I think Jaclyn and the team at Morphe should have made this information more apparent to professionals and novices alike. All in all, I wish it was cheaper and had better packaging which would have made it a great buy for anyone!

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