Amazing nail lifehacks to try this summer

Hey girls, since awesome nail designs are making their way all over our social media feed. I wanted to make this video and share with you some amazing nail art ideas and life hacks to try out right away.
– I show you how you can use black nail polish, clear nail polish, and a detailer brush to create marble nails.
– When creating an abstract nail art design, you can apply two different colored nail polish on your fingers and then connect them using a toothpick.
– If you accidentally broke your nail, but you are not ready to say goodbye just yet. Then don’t worry because you can fix it using a teabag and some super glue.
– To create your own matte top-coat, place your nails on top a steaming pot filled with water and you are all set.

0:36 – DIY marble nail designs
2:28 – How to use poly gel for beginners
3:23 – How to fix a broken nail
4:01 – DIY gradient nails
5:57 – DIY watercolor nails
8:49 – DIY french nail manicure
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