Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) is by no doubt, the best beauty service company. It has over 11 million followers on Instagram making it biggest and most followed beauty company. ABH is headed by Claudia soare, who is the daughter of the founder, as the company’s president. She has over 1 million followers on Instagram. The company’s beauty artist call themselves the Real Housewives of Anastasia Beverly Hills shortened as #RHOABH

The obsession is real

They have been very successful this year courtesy of their vast and dedicated following and the fact that they have a direct communication link with their clients. Their success came as a result of several programs they launch every time. Their programs are big and have cultural relevance. They first started with blow pomade and later came up with Brow wiz. They also launched marshmallow highlights, Moonchild and contour kits. Their current hit is known as eyeshadow palettes.

They launched the master palette by Mario at about 3 AM in the morning some few weeks ago. Claudia, via her Twitter account, said that they couldn’t give the exact time of launching because traffic could overcrowd the site and therefore unmanageable. They opted to launch it randomly and provide their clients the whole day to get it. Despite this, the palette was sold in hours. However, due to the holiday season at Sephora, they brought it back, and anyone can get it for $45. They are also giving a discount of 20% off for those who will get it by the end of today.

It is good to note that Mario is coiled from a celebrity make-up artist known as Mario Dedivanovic who has been a make-up artist of Kim Kardashian. ABH is best, influential and also in tunes. However, we are going to review another Mario master palette which is more popular. It is known as The Modern Renaissance palette.

What makes modern Renaissance palette more important?

Even though important is a relative word, I am going to explain using the tweet of Samantha calling out too faced.

Samantha is a self-made up make-up artist who is one of the most followed artists on the internet. However, she called Too Faced last week and accused them of making four palettes that were similar and consisted of same eyeshadow shades. It got 2,400 likes in twitter while 500+ people re-tweeted it. This is not normal.

Samantha always says that beauty brands can do better, a sentiment I support. Their recent launches have seen the introduction of the awesome brands. People keep on buying their products, and this is the reason they are not innovative. People do not show the sign of resistance to their products. However, we cannot interplate lack of resistance as greatness.

The products of Anastasia Beverly can be considered as excellent because they have collaborative innovation and they are true. The modern Renaissance palate is a spin that you can wear, and it is produced from the traditional staple.

The first look of modern renaissance palette

It is not readily recognizable to newbies who do not know much about makeup. One may think that it is something traditional, nude, brown and muted with some light shades. That is why it is also called naked palette. Feel free to pick one any time of the day at Sephora. It even can’t shame you since it is stable.

The colors of renaissance influenced modern renaissance palate. It is recommended for those looking for something extra in eyeshadow. This is because one can apply a need Smokey. The colors that they use require someone with courage.

We are going to highlight the colors used and their functions

1. Tempera: this is a light nude color, it is used for blending and brow highlighting inner corners
2. Golden Ochre: this color looks like goldenrod. It helps to blend skin fabulously
3. Buon fresco: this is pigmented and creamy shade. It looks exactly like a shimmer
4. Antique bronze: it is brown color and looks rusty. It is used to apply extra red-hued than expected. It is good color
5. Love letter: this color looks like a red wine. It gives your eye the sexiest look
6. Cyprus umber: this is dark brown color. It is mostly used in a naked palette
7. Raw sienna: it is dark yellow color that gives you a feeling of continuing with painting
8. Primavera: this has a goldish look. It is the best my color
9. Red ochre: it gives a dark burnt red shape. It is mixed with burnt orange ombre
10. Venetian red: it is a shimmered dark red with an undertone of blue. Used to combine the love letter
11. Warm taupe: it is reminiscent calor of naked palettes. Also has a yellow undertone which makes it look milky
12. Realgar: this shade looks yellow and rusty. It also hallway resembles burnt orange and red ochre
The real life looks of modern renaissance palette

When I was beginning, I had difficulties switching from my typical nude smokey to red-toned eye because red toned one has more undertone yellow color. I thought and convinced myself that this one cannot cope with my blue eyes. However, I overcame my fear and started using it. It gave me good results and I was very impressed.

I decided to experiment with the safest shades. Even if I felt naïve, it was good. I look gorgeous and regained confidence. It had eye pigments which looked very nice on me. Its ingredients satisfy the FDA standards.

Also, you can use eyeshadows as lipsticks such that your lips perfectly match your eyes. Is this not great? I paired them, and the compliments that I received made me feel like being in 3rd heaven. Everyone said that I look great. The blue color in my eyes was brought out by it, and I felt very nice.

Take away: modern renaissance palette review

It is worthy to conclude that this palette is excellent and worthy its cost. I was wondering the reason behind enthusiastic followings of ABH, but now I realise it is because of such programs.

ABH is doing great work, and that is why I buy with my heart. Their products are great and awesome hence they can’t fail their clients.

It is also worth to note that this palette brings you to the world of comfort. This is the reason why ABH has much following. If you want to join the class of beauties by modern renaissance palette, click this link to buy it through Amazon and it will be delivered to you.