Natural Everyday Makeup Tutorial | My Super Chatty Spring Model Beauty Routine That I Have Been Using Almost Everyday, Perfect For Any Occasion, or Anyone in a Hurry | Sanne Vloet

Hey guys!

Good morning from New York City! Everyone ready for a makeup tutorial? How about a meet up in New York City in June? Would any of you guys like to meet in Central Park next month? I’ll bring a few of my friends and we can all hangout, chat, and get to know each other. If you’re in NYC or willing to come to NYC on a Saturday in June leave a comment, I really want to meet as many of you as possible so don’t be shy!

Anyway, today’s video is an update of my everyday makeup that I always use. I’ve started using a few new products and I’ve been thinking about running to a drug store and making a drug store routine, would you like that? With makeup I try to make my skin glow and give it a pop with a highlighter and fresh blush. Since this is my typical look that I wear when I am heading to meetings or model castings you might recognize certain parts from past videos!

I want to maybe try a beauty week with you guys, like we did for wellness month. I was thinking about inviting different beauty influencers onto the channel with us to share routines, beauty hacks, and just about anything else. Thoughts?

So for anyone who hasn’t been here before I really hope you decide to join us and hit that subscribe button. I cannot believe how many of you have joined this community this year and I cannot tell you guys how much I appreciate it.

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1. If you could have a puppy what kind of puppy would you want to have (hint to max)?
2. What would you name your pupy?
3. Do you already have a puppy? If so what is your puppy’s name and breed?

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Products I am using:
Bee Glow Guerlain:
Marc Jacobs Foundation:
Charlotte Tilbury Concealer:
Hoola Bronzer:
Highlighter/ Blush Stick Lune + Aster:
Anastastia Eye Brow Pencil:
Amazonian Tarte Mascara:
Lip Pencil Charlotte Tilbury:
Nude lipstick colour Colada Tarte

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