Hello! Today’s video is on my top 5 mac lipsticks for fall!!!! Fall is my fav season, and mac lipsticks are my favvvv so of course I had to make this video! Most of these lipsticks are going to flatter warm skin tones very well and they’ll mostly work for fair to deep skin! Let me know what are your favorite shades from MAC and I’ll check them out, cause apparently I can’t get enough lol

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Top 5 MAC lipsticks for fall (brown/nude shades):
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Zara Haul:

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The jewelry I’m wearing in the video:
Spark necklace in 925 Sterling Silver
Circle Of Life bracelet in 14k Gold Vermeil
Circle Of Lfe necklace in 14k Gold Vermeil
Circle Of Life T Bar Ring in 14k Gold Vermeil
Circle of Life Jewel Ring in 14k Gold Vermeil

MAC Powder Kiss Sultry Move
MAC Powder Kiss Influentially It
MAC Satin Smoked Almond
MAC Matte Chili
MAC Matte Kinkster
MAC Matte D For Danger

watch my mac lipstick collection :

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