Girls, you will love this video as it is full of cool ideas for your lips! You will find how to take care of your lips, how to exfoliate your lips and the best part is awesome lip art ideas! Out tutorials are incredibly easy and you will love these stunning lip makeup ideas!
Let’s start from the fact that you should always take care of your lips as the skin on our lips is much thinner than the skin on the other parts of our body. Chapped lips is a very annoying and common problem when it’s cold outside. Besides, the sun and wind in summer equally dry your lips. That’s why you should exfoliate your lips from time to time and always use lip balm to moisturize your lips.

We prepare cool ideas on how to make cool prints on your lips! Yes, it might sound crazy but you can easily create animal print, gradient effect, pop art inspired lip art and more! Let’s start from animal print that fashion lovers adore! We were inspired by leopard print. The pink and black combination will give you an amazing effect. Check out the tutorial! We love glitter and we share a cool idea how to cover your lips with glitter and you will look flawless during the party. Cover your lips with lip gloss and apply glitter using a makeup brush.
We know a crazy trick how to turn any lipstick into a matte one. Put a coat of lipstick and put a tissue on your lips. Next, use powder and a makeup brush to master matte effect.

Don’t forget to share these makeup ideas with your friends!

00:13 Pop art lip art
00:54 Gradient effect on your lips
02:44 We love glitter
04:28 Animal print lip art
05:04 Exfoliate your lips

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