I’m so upset this morning. Let’s talk about Jaclyn Cosmetics and why I’ve gone from recommending the lipsticks to returning mine and recommending you think about doing the same. For parents: there is a little bit of cursing after the 57:00 mark. Love ya KJB, keep being you, my friend.

I had to take the original live chat down and reupload it. All of the audio content is there, but I had to add some visual edits. Thank you to Kevin James Bennett for sharing his insights you can find him here:
Instagram –
Twitter –

*Time Stamps*
Reaction to Raw Beauty Kristi’s Video – 0:26
Chat Greeting – 1:40
What I took my Jaclyn Cosmetics review down – 2:45
What has changed my mind – 4:12
Is this all about bringing down Jaclyn Hill? – 8:26
Are they Morphe lipsticks? – 10:33
Quick recap of chat so far 🙂 – 12:24
My plan for my lipsticks – 12:56
Thoughts on Marlena Stell of Makeup Geek – 13:32
Why I thought the price was fair – 14:24
Back to Marlena – 16:25
Jaclyn says that the lab tech in quality control wore fuzzy gloves – 17:13
Why I feel like I need to help tell people about the problems – 18:02
Jaclyn says she is replacing returned lipsticks – 20:31
Back to the fuzzy gloves – 21:31
Ethics of the situation – 26:46
More about the “batch issue” – 28:08
Comparing addresses on Jaclyn Cosmetics to Morphe (This address is NOT a lab) – 29:47
Canceling Jaclyn Cosmetics – 39:13
FDA Regulations for labeling addresses – 39:55
Thoughts on “are the lipsticks old?” – 42:20
Sending products to the FDA for testing – 44:20
Some honest thoughts – 45:50
Calling Pro MUA Kevin James Bennett – 53:10
Why Kevin thinks these are old lipsticks & Why PR may have been different – 54:10
Kevin explains the addresses – 55:52
Kevin explains the fibers – 58:01
Kevin discusses the Morphe x JH Vault “recall” and Becca controversy – 1:00:00
What Jaclyn owes her fans who purchased the lipsticks – 1:01:55
Why it isnt’ just about lipstick – 1:09:39
What Kevin thinks Jaclyn should do now – 1:13:00
(The livestream cut out here and I’m not sure why, but I didn’t cut Kevin’s words on purpose.)
Final thoughts – 1:13:48

For more information please watch these videos –
Raw Beauty Kristi –
That Girl Shae XO –

I’ve taken down my review of the lipsticks because I have learned new information that changed my recommendation in the video. Because I can’t edit the video to state this big change, I took it down. You can still watch it with this link: but it is not searchable and cannot be found on YouTube unless you have the link.
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